~Orlando Passes New Drone Ordinance Effective Immediately!~

131213_ Drone flying in Brooklyn,  NY, NY, Exclusive for Sunday, J.C. RIce

We borrowed this article from the Orlando Weekly. It is only a matter of time before other cities and jurisdictions follow suit.

“It’s now a little harder to shoot one of those slick drone videos over Lake Eola.

The City Beautiful has passed a new drone law that requires permits for drone users, fines for violators and jail time for those operating the flying machines under the influence.

According to the new ordinance passed by city officials on Monday, drone use is now restricted within 500 feet of city-owned parks, schools and venues, such as the Amway Center, Camping World Stadium and Harry P. Leu Gardens. Drones are also restricted within 500 feet of gatherings with more than 1,000 people.

A permit is required to fly a drone in these areas, which cost $20 per flight or $150 annually.

Those caught in violation of the ordinance will have to pay fines between $200 and $400.

Anyone who operates a drone under the influence of alcohol or drugs also runs the risk of arrest or jail time, on top of the fines for violating the ordinance.

Opponents of the ordinance say that the federal government already has drone regulations and that this will discourage the sale and recreational use of the machines.

City officials say that they want to encourage drone use in the city, but also make sure that popular public places are kept safe for citizens and tourists.”

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